Scientific Programme

Thursday March 20


09.00 Registration and coffee


09.45 Welcome (Lalle Hammarstedt-Nordenvall / Cai Grau)


10.00 Opening lecture:  Epidemiology
Chairman: Cai Grau
Keynote speaker: Weimin Ye, Stockholm


Proffered papers (3×15 min)

Mattias Jangard
Alexandra Elliot
Johan Wennerberg


11.10 Session 1: Nasopharyngeal cancer
Chairman: Cai Grau
Keynote speaker:
Anne Lee, Hong Kong
Christian von Buchwald, Copenhagen


12.00 Proffered papers (3*15 min):

Jana Sandberg
Sevil Alieva
Antti Mäkitie


12.45 Lunch


13.30 Session 2: Proton therapy
Chairman:  Claes Mercke, Stockholm
Keynote speaker: Thomas Björk-Eriksson, Gothenburg


14.30 Coffee and posters


15.00 Session 3: Complications to treatment
Chairman: Christian Godballe

-keynote speaker: Hisham Mehanna, Birmingham

Proferred papers: (5×15)
Vera Loorents
Nina Munck Lyhne
Jonas Hydman
Eva Munck-Wikland
Caroline Gahm


17.00 General Assembly of SSHNO (only for SSHNO members)
Cai Grau


19.00 Conference Dinner at Restaurant Solliden, Skansen open-air museum


Friday March 21


08.30 Session 4: Treatment of recurrent disease
Chairman: Johan Wennerberg

Keynote speaker:
Anne Lee, Hong Kong
Hisham Mehanna, Birmingham


09.15 Proffered papers (3*15 min):
Mattias von Beckerath
Lauri Jouhi
Laura Mäkinen


10.00 Coffee and posters


10.30 Session 5: Brachytherapy
Chairman: Hedda Haugen

Keynote speaker:
Claes Mercke, Stockholm
Bengt Johansson, Örebro


11.30 Panel discussion
Centralized treatment; when and why
Chairman: Antti Mäkitie


12.00 Lunch


13.00 Session 6: HPV
Chairman: Eva Munck-Wikland

Keynote speaker:
Hisham Mehanna, Birmingham
Christian von Buchwald, Copenhagen


Proffered papers (5*15 min):
Tina Dalianis
Emilie Garnaes
Hans Jörgen Aarstad
Taru Illmarinen
Tina Dalianis


14.55 Coffee


15.25 Closing lecture
Keynote speaker: Claes Mercke, Stockholm


15.55 Awards for best oral and poster presentations by young scientists
Cai Grau, president of SSHNO.


16.00 Annual meeting adjourned