African Research at Uppsala University


Uppsala University has a long tradition of conducting research and engaging in higher education pertaining to Africa and African Studies. Already in the 18th century, students of Uppsala Professor Botanist Carl Linnaeus travelled across the world, including to the African continent.

Some scientific disciplines at Uppsala University have very strong research traditions in Africa. These include Archeology, Cultural Anthropology, Theology, Peace and Conflict, Political Science, Botany, and Public Health. International Science Programme (, founded in 1961, has been instrumental in promoting research and research groups on the continent. The programme aims to contribute to the growth of scientific knowledge in low-income countries, by strengthening research capacity and postgraduate education with a particular focus on basic sciences.

Since 2012, Uppsala University strengthens its Africa research through Forum for Africa Studies ( Forum’s aim is to support Africa-related research and higher education at Uppsala University by promoting studies in relation to the African continent. Forum is grounded in the humanities and social sciences pertaining to social life, cultural phenomena, economic and political development, environment and resource issues and social change in Africa, but does also include broader inter-disciplinary and transdisciplinary perspectives. In this vein, Forum is developing a strategic project on Health, Politics and Culture in Africa.


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