Key note speakers

Topic I Nitrogen dynamics in different farming systems

Assistant Professor Meagan Schipanski (Colorado State University, USA)meagan_schipanski

Nitrogen dynamics in different farming systems

Dr. Schipanski is assistant professor at Colorado State University. She works with cropping system nutrient cycling and organic matter dynamics from rhizosphere to global scales using on-farm, experimental station, greenhouse, and modeling experiments. Her speech will address nitrogen dynamics in different cropping and farming systems, including the roles of cover crops, legumes and diversified cropping systems for efficient nitrogen use.


Topic II Precision Nitrogen Management

Professor Bruno Basso (Michigan State University, USA)Bruno Basso

Precision nitrogen management

Professor Basso´s research deals mainly with water, carbon and nitrogen cycling and modeling in cropping systems, and spatial analysis of crop yield. His modeling research has focused on extending soil-crop-atmosphere models to spatial domains at the field scale. Dr. Basso has been integrating remote sensing technologies, including UAV,  with crop modeling to understand spatial and temporal variability of crop yield, and to identify best management practices, with particular emphasis on variable rate nitrogen management.  His work ranges field to landscape to regional scale. In his talk he will present different tools for precision nitrogen management, how they can be combined and the challenges and benefits with implementation.


Topic III Knowledge transfer and implementation

Doctor Lizzie Sagoo (ADAS, UK)Lizzie

Improved manure management, from research results to implementation on the farm

Dr. Sagoo is a soil scientist at ADAS, which is an independent provider of agricultural and environmental research and consultancy in the UK. She has expertise in nutrient management and performs field-based research that informs fertilizer recommendations and associated nutrient management software systems. Her research projects are focussed on increasing nutrient use efficiency and crop yields, whilst minimizing the environmental impacts of crop production. Her talk will focus on improved management of organic materials and implementation of research results by farmers.


Topic IV Nitrogen processes at different scales

Professor Sara Hallin (SLU, Sweden)sara hallin

Role of microbes for supply and losses of nitrogen in arable fields

Professor Hallin works at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala. Her research focuses on the ecology of nitrogen cycling communities with emphasis on denitrifying organisms. She address fundamental questions regarding their ecology, and also do applied research related to agricultural and environmental issues, such as nutrient cycling, greenhouse gas emissions, nitrogen leaching and water treatment. Her talk will focus on the role of microorganisms for supply and losses in arable fields, and how that could be regarded in agricultural management.