How to get to Skara

Through Gothenburg

The closest international airport from Skara are is Landvetter airport in Gothenburg. If you arrive to Landvetter on Sunday we will arrange bus transport from Landvetter directly to your hotels in Skara, since public transports can be time consuming. We will also arrange transport back to the airport on Wednesday afternoon. This you can book together with registration and booking of hotels at the conference website.

If you arrive earlier to explore Gothenburg, you can get to Skara from Gothenburg by train to Falköping or Skövde and then bus to Skara. You can get information about trains and buses at Between the airport and Gothenburg city there is an airport bus: You can of course also rent a car. Then you can easily access different sights in West Sweden on your way to Skara.

Bus transfer
For your convenience, we will arrange bus transports from Landvetter Airport (Gothenburg) to hotels in Skara and Lidköping on Sunday, June 26, and from the venue back to the airport on Wednesday, June 29. The cost is 250 SEK one way, which is both cheaper and faster than public transports. To book bus transport, please click here.


Through Stockholm

Arlanda airport in Stockholm is further away from Skara, but has more direct flights from international airports than Gothenburg. If you arrive to Sweden through Stockholm, you can access Skara by taking the train from Stockholm to Skövde (2 hours) and from there reach Skara by bus (30 min). If you do this, it is advisable to buy train tickets a few weeks in advance, as prices rise considerable with time. Tickets can be bought from


Through Copenhagen

If you choose to go on the post conference tour to Halland and Skåne, you should book your return ticket back home from Malmö or Copenhagen, as the tour will end in Malmö on Thursday evening. Arriving through Copenhagen is less attractive, since it would mean a journey of 5-6 hours with several changes of trains before reaching Skara.



You are welcome to explore Sweden before and after the conference. There is a lot to see both around Skara and in the areas of Gothenburg, Stockholm or Malmö, depending on where you arrive. You should note that June 24-25 is a public holiday in Sweden. We celebrate Midsummer, which means that public transports and opening hours in shops etc. are limited. There are quite a few celebrations open for the public on June 24, if you want to join in when the Swedish people dance around midsummer poles and enjoy pickled herrings and snaps. (Read more about Swedish midsummer at:


Websites with tourist information for:

Skara and surroundings:




Passport and Visas

Delegates are advised to contact the nearest embassy, consulate or travel agency for information about the passport and visa requirements from their country for entry to Sweden. If your visa application requires a Letter of invitation, please contact the conference secretariat:

Useful links:

Migration Agency