Confirmed Speakers


Synthesis and Patterning

Martina Müller, “Novel control mechanisms of oxide magnetism at redoxinterfaces”

Paolo Vavassori, “Patterning magnetic nanostructures for resonant interaction with light:  Magnetoplasmonic Crystals”

Multilayers and Superlattices

Sebastiaan van Dijken, “Voltage Control of Spin Waves in Ferroelectric-Ferromagnetic Heterostructures”

Geoffrey S. Beach, Title to be announced

Ivan K. Schuller,  “Hybrid Heterostructures”

Teruo Ono, “Current induced asymmetric magnetoresistance in ferromagnet/heavy-metal bylayer structures”

Magnetic Nanostructures

Christopher Marrows, “Thermal Fluctuations, Freezing, and Drift Magnetricity in Artificial Spin Ice”

Cristiano Nisoli, “Designing Emergence in the Collective Behavior of Magnetic Nano Islands”

Kirsten von Bergmann, “Topological Magnetic Skyrmions investigated by STM”

Axel Hoffmann, “Manipulating Room Temperature Magnetic Skyrmions”

Laura Heyderman, Artificial Ferroic Systems”

Magnetization Dynamics

Justin Shaw, “New insights into understanding and controlling magnetic damping”

Randy Dumas, “Recent advances in synchronizing nanoscale magnetic oscillators”

Spin Dependent Transport

Julie Grollier, “Towards brain-inspired computing with spin-torque nano-oscillators”

Yuya Sakuraba, “Spin dependent transport in Heusler systems”


Sug-Bong Choe, “Magnetic bubblecade memory based on chiral domain walls”

Nian Sun, “Integrated Ferroics for Sensing, Memory, Power, RF and Microwave Electronics”

Opening statement

Teruya Shinjo,  “Honorary Opening Statement”