Social activities

Boat trip to Skokloster Castle – August 24 14:30

We cruise along the river to Skokloster Castle, which is considered one of the great castles of Baroque Europe. At Skokloster, Carl Gustaf Wrangel – potentate and fashion aficionado – created a stately home of European style. Following the tradition of continental princes, he endeavored to understand the world by collecting art and antiques as well as specimens from nature.

The castle armory and library are particularly noteworthy. Both were founded to host Wrangel’s collections of weapons and books, and were enriched and enlarged by other seventeenth- and eighteenth-century aristocratic bequests. The armory contains the largest collection of personal 17th century military weapons in the world. The collection consists mostly muskets and pistols, but also swords – including Japanese samurai swords – small cannons, pikes and crossbows. The weapon collection also includes various exotic items, such as a 16-century Eskimo canoe, snake skins, and others.

From 14:00 you are welcome aboard the boat m/s Kung Carl Gustaf
14:30 Boat departure from Islandsbron
Coffee and bullar aboard
16:20 Arrival to Skokloster
16:45 Guided Tour
18:15 Spare time
19:00 Boat departure from Skokloster
Dinner on the boat
21:00 Arrival in Uppsala

Tour fee: 1000 SEK excl. VAT / 1250 SEK incl. 25% VAT
Minimum number of participants: 25

Website: Skokloster Castle


Post-conference tour to Stockholm – August 27 10:00-18:00

Vasa Museum, Royal Palace and Old Town – Guided tour from Uppsala to Stockholm

Upon arrival to Stockholm start with a visit to Fjällgatan, a high point with a view over the harbor, the eastern parts of the city and the water front of the Old Town. Photo stop. The tour continues along the Strandvägen Boulevard on the shores of Nybroviken bay through the diplomatic quarters with embassies and ambassadors’ residences to Djurgården. This immensely popular recreation area in the heart of Stockholm used to be the private hunting grounds of the Swedish kings. Here, you visit the famous Vasa Museum. The Vasa man-of-war was built at the Royal Dockyards in Stockholm in 1628, and on August 10th that year she set sail on her maiden voyage. Before she reached the outskirts of Stockholm she heeled so strongly from a sudden gust of wind that water started to pour in through her lower gun ports, and the Vasa sunk in 100 feet of water. Several attempts were made to recover the ship, but it was not until April 1961 that she was raised from the sea. The restoration of the ship, often referred to as the world’s largest jigsaw puzzle, is now complete and the Vasa Museum opened its doors to the public.

Then we continue to the Old Town for a guided walk along this historic part of the city and entrance to the Royal Palace. The Royal Palace dates from 1754 and is one of the biggest palaces in Europe. The Royal apartments called the Bernadotte, State and Guest Rooms are open to the public. You enter into the sumptuous interiors of the previously private royal rooms, decorated in primarily baroque & rococo styles. The beautiful antique furnishings and Royal portraits give one a glimpse of the luxury with which the Kings and Queens of Sweden have lived.

Bus trip to Stockholm and a 2 hour guided bus sightseeing in Stockholm. Drop-off at convenient places for individual museum visits, shopping etc. Train back to Uppsala or to Arlanda Airport.

Schedule (roughly)
10-11 Transfer Uppsala-Stockholm
11-12 Panorama
12-13 Vasa Museum
13.30-14.30 Lunch
14.45-16.45 Old town incl. Royal Palace
17-18 Transfer Stockholm-Uppsala

Tour fee: 1200 SEK excl. VAT / 1500 SEK incl. 25% VAT
Minimum number of participants: 25

The Vasa Museum
The Royal Palace