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Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the Ninth International Symposium on Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy in Veterinary Medicine! This Symposium brings together professionals with an interest in veterinary rehabilitation and physical therapy. The symposium covers areas like veterinary medicine, physical therapy, sports medicine, biomechanics, motion analysis- to mention a few. The symposium will be held by the International Association of Veterinary Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy (IAVRPT), in collaboration with the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and the Veterinary European Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Association (VEPRA).

The theme of the Symposium is “Movement”. We are offering preconference labs that are scheduled separate from the general sessions. This year, they include sessions like dissections of the musculoskeletal system, biomechanics and therapeutic modalities and exercises. Early in the mornings, before the actual symposium sessions, there will be additional “Breakfast sessions” with the opportunity of participants to discuss an actual topic. The days continue with state of the art lectures and the scientific program is then divided into small animals and equine topics that follows the same subthemes:

Movement with respect to Bones, Muscles and Joints
What do we know about functional anatomy and motion analysis and how can we interpret the knowledge into clinical practice? What are the latest in the treatment of soft tissue injuries? What do we mean when we speak about back pain and SI joint dysfunction? What is the latest in radiology, the biomechanics, the orthopedics and physical therapy? And what means do we have to assess and treat it problems in the musculoskeletal system?

Movement with respect to Nerves and Neuromuscular Systems
Is neurology an unknown field for you? Update your knowledge of motor control, diagnosis and treatment of myopathies and lower motor neurons disorders. How do you assess their function and how do you rehabilitate?

Movement with respect to Pain and Critical Care
How does pain influence motor control? And how can we make sure that the motion asymmetries assessed really are pain-related? What methods can be offered to the patient in critical care?

Movement with respect to overall function
Although we assess and treat specific functions- the overall function of the animal is our main target. How do we accomplish that? Come and listen to the latest in compensatory lamenessess.

An important component of this Symposium is to develop and strengthen the crucial relationship between different professionals interested in animal rehabilitation. The bi-annual business meeting for the International Association for Veterinary Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy (IAVRPT) will be held on Tuesday, August 9th over the lunch break. We hope that you all will attend this meeting.

We are excited to meet you all in Uppsala, Sweden! We hope you will enjoy the Symposium and take the opportunity to network with your fellow colleagues from all over the world!





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